"Transformation through a Change in Consciousness"


Your soul is so close to mine I know what you dream.
Friends scan each other's depths;
Would I be a Friend, if I didn't?
A Friend is a mirror of clear water;
I see my gains in you, and my losses. - Jalal-ud-Din Rumi

Kate's approach is both gentle and powerful, she is able to hone in on and help me discover new ways of thinking and processing things in my life and work. She has taught me new ways to communicate and express points of view to others in more positive, compassionate ways. I have realized tremendous benefit from working with her - my stress level is down, my relationships at work are excellent, and my projects run more smoothly because I am aware of how I affect situations through my attitude and behavior. ~ Julie A.

Kate's counsel has been invaluable to me both personally and professionally. Her meditation classes have helped me regain a sense of calm and perspective.
Conversations with her have been helpful in providing me insights as well as maintaining my sense of self and dignity during some very troubling circumstances. Her calming demeanor, willingness to listen without judgment and ability to hone in on helpful solutions has been incredibly helpful. ~ Sue R.

Grounded in compassion and Truth-knowing, Kate is a deep listener and power-filled practitioner whose presence and words have helped me to integrate the aspects of my life that I thought were broken. In my experience with her, I am given the space to simply be myself, speak or not speak, without judgment or expectation. I recommend Kate's practitioner work to those who would just like to feel better but may not know how. Hers is a consciousness that heals and uplifts, revealing soul energy that for me was once lost. ~ Mari Anne J.

I worked with Kate as a practitioner and I found her to be both caring and an expert at what she does. She has the unique ability to connect deeply and give pointed distinctions and feedback that are right on target. Her presence and groundedness make her one of the best around at what she does; seeing her clients, getting right to the heart of the matter and taking the client to the next level. She is a true professional with the background and expertise to back it up and a delight to work with!
 ~Patrick W.

Thank you for the exercises Kate! I'm so glad I'm meeting with you for counseling.  I've seen other counselors before, but I think you've already helped me more than any other.  You are giving me solid coping mechanisms to bring myself to a better me.  And for that I am very grateful!!!  ~Kym

I attended the Yoga Nidra Practice and was left with the most amazing feeling - Stacie G.

I learned so much from this retreat, not so much abel to quantify it in language - but in growth that in immeasurable somehow - RG 

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