"Transformation through a Change in Consciousness"
Are you living a conscious life of your choosing?

Whether you are experiencing a particular challenge in your life or are interested in deepening on your spiritual journey, Consciousness Consult provides resources to facilitate change.

Changing your life does not have to be drastic.
 By changing your thoughts,
becoming aware of the power within and re-aligning with your center;
your life will change.


We all come into the world with an individual imprint,
just as an acorn can only become an oak tree.

Along life's journey we pick up messages that move us away from our original nature.
This may cause us to become lost in self judge

By providing a sanctuary for the soul, you are seen and accepted in a space of peace.
Beliefs and blocks that kept you locked in a story are revealed and released,
allowing you to step into the truth of your wholeness.

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